Children Were Treated As Possessions To Be Lerated – Readers’ Comments For Songs Of Willow Frost

 songsLiu Song, alone, abused and so brave and dignified, and railed against society’s patriarchal ignorance.

Noone helped, everyone judged. And now here’s a question. Butterfield really so nave and brainless to think this innocent girl suddenly living alone with her uncle became pregnant by some unknown lover? In spite the fact that he sexually abused her, law and culture insisted that Charlotte return to her father, and that William be rn from his mother because she was unmarried. Consequently, was Mr. He closed his store and left without a second thought to the consequences for this single mother and her young son, after using her talents for years. Children were treated as possessions to be tolerated, not innocent victims of their parents’ circumstances and decisions.

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Author’s Note in the book back made the book more meaningful,, perhaps, had I read that first, I would have found the book more enjoyable. Society’s heartless, sanctimonious mores fought her all the way, willow tried to protect first her mother. Against Uncle Leo’s abuses, even going so far as to give William over to an orphanage. Peterson, had long before lost any compassion that might have initially led to her career. Sister Briganti treated the children harshly, only allowing the kindness she’d suppressed so long come to the surface after Charlotte’s suicide. A well-known fact that is. The social worker.

If Mr.

I still didn’t feel much of a connection with them, the three main characters were likable and all had unpleasant things and tragedies befall them. SONGS OF WILLOW FROST left me feeling I’d just witnessed a tragic car accident where noone stopped to help the dying, willow and William’s lives were ones of sadness. I felt it was not as good as Ford’s first novel, while I liked this book. Chinese had to endure was presented. Ford’s intention was to have the reader feel drained and depressed after turning the last page, he achieved his goal.

Tell us about the books you’ve finished reading with your comments and a rating of 1 to 5 stars. During the contest period from June 10th to June 24th at noon ET, three lucky readers each will be randomly chosen to win a copy of FOREIGN AGENT by Brad Thor and HERE’S TO US by Elin Hilderbrand. Against this background is the moving story ofWilliam, placed in an orphanage as a young boy after beingabandonedby his mother under dire circumstances. Notice that his search for his mother, her story and the friends and foes relevant to both William and hismother’s liveshelps to make this a story rich in emotions -despair, hope, finally, forgiveness and acceptance.

While during the Depression, This is a story of two tales -Willow, a mother’s, and William, her young son’s, it is set in Seattle.

During that time the economic and social class behaviors were very defined. This story difficult tells life situations Willow faces, her ensuingheartrendingchoices, and those consequences choices for her son. This is a heartfelt story taking place during the depressionera in Seattle. Prejudices against others, particularly theChinese living in Seattle, were prevalent, and the new social ways and acceptance of those ways were frightening to quite a few of the Chinese traditionalists. It is a story of love, determination and human triumph spirit. The transitions are easy to follow, although the story moves back and forth between timeframes.

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Here’s to your finding your own special way to enjoy books during this wonderful time of year to be outdoors. Summer means it’s time for reading while pool floating, lounge sitting and digging my es in the sand! Sounding Off on Audio.

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Not a fan of this list.

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